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Reduce Investment Risk

Reduce Investment Risk

The world is quick to change, but that shouldn’t drastically affect your investments. That’s why our plans always keep change in mind - we want to help protect your portfolio from outside influences.

Here's how we help reduce risk

Asset Allocation

Our asset allocation strategy uses different asset classes to help reduce the overall risk in our clients’ portfolios. Many wealth managers follow a buy-and-hold strategy. We believe that approach is outdated and use a much more active and strategic approach.

Different Styles of Wealth Management

We deploy different styles of wealth management. For example, we have tactical managers whose primary focus is to avoid substantial loss or invest in assets that are non-correlated with the stock market.

Hedge Approach

Our hedge approach is designed to protect our clients’ portfolios for income and principal. We purchase protection on our clients’ portfolios so they have a certain percentage of their principal or income protected for when the next market correction happens. This helps ensure they will be able to maintain their lifestyle, regardless of events that they cannot control.

The plan will be developed using our multiple risk transfer strategies. Building the plan this way can help by removing financial uncertainties from influences outside your control in order to provide you with a feeling of financial confidence knowing that you have taken the steps to be able to live the lifestyle you’ve dreamed about when you reach retirement.

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