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Our Values

Our Values

Long story short? We help you make dreams happen.

What we do on a day-to-day basis is exciting for us:

What we do on a day-to-day basis is exciting for us:

Provide guidance and planning, create tax efficiencies, and reduce risk.

All of this adds up to one thing

All of this adds up to one thing

Helping our clients make their dreams a reality. Whether your dream is keeping your family safe and secure, purchasing your latest rental property, living large in retirement, or all of the above, our day-to-day work is ultimately about helping you get there.

We're a team of Financial Advisors who have seen it all

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Founded by Dillan Micus and Patrick Kearns, we set out to create a wealth management company that not only provides financial advice and wealth management, but that has a systemic approach to the three most important phases of wealth management:







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A letter from Dillan and Pat

Financial freedom is a goal for many of us. It does more than simply open doors. Financial freedom can open the world. We understand this intimately. Together with our team, we have a combined 110 years of experience in working with individuals to attain this freedom. Like you, we have also worked tirelessly to attain this goal in our personal lives.

You will likely hear these things from many wealth management professionals.

So how are we different?

Over the past three decades, we have served as leaders and mentors in this industry, building the regional division of a national firm from a few hundred million dollars of assets under advisement to $3 billion in assets under advisement and among the top performing firms in the nation. We did this by understanding the intricacies of the processes and products that impact your financial freedom, including estate planning strategies, wealth management, business continuation, qualified plans, the tax code, market conditions, client behaviors, and more.

Our team’s collective years of experience, research and ongoing education allow our firm, and each of our talented financial advisors, to operate at the highest level within the wealth management industry. We have had firsthand experience with what works, what doesn’t, and what makes the most impact over time. Before launching our firm, it was important for us to ensure we had carefully sifted through each of those experiences and selected only the best of the best ideas we knew it would take to curate an elite firm.

We are proud to have realized that goal, and proud to welcome you to 345 Wealth Management.


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